About us.


Pixelonline started out as a small hobby website (It still is). In the beginning, the articles about Photo technique were only read by friends and family.


In principle, it is still a private platform with no commercial interests. Against all expectations, the number of visitors has increased in particular this past year. It is no longer just friends and family who choose Pixelonline.


The interest animates us, of course, to write new articles, but as mentioned, it is still a hobby, and therefore the activity is ruled by the time we have available.


There are enough websites on the internet that performs testing of various equipments, and write pages up and down about the quality, design, operation and performance. We leave that to them. We write about themes that interest us. If our writings are of interest to others, it's just fine.


The Internet is full of self-proclaimed experts, and it can be quite a task to sort the wheat from the chaff. We do not claim that we are the experts, but we always try to be as objective as possible. The articles are written by people with some knowledge of the subjects treated.


We only want articles that have high professional quality. We are often critical and we say what we mean. It is not necessarily what everyone else thinks.


It is now possible to get in touch with us via facebook. We know from experience that it is only few who would like to participate in a dialogue, but the opportunity is now established!


with best regards


Pixel Online