This is a summary, a shortened version of the entire article for all those who do not understand Danish. You can try to translate the complete article with the help of google. I hope the translation will make sense. 


My opinion about Photo Ninja


Photo Ninja appeals to me in many ways. The quality this program provides is impressive, even with raw files taken with older compact cameras. It is a program that I probably buy, when my trial license expires. The program can something that other Raw programs can not. It is amazingly easy to achieve good results, often without having to readjust. I special like the look that the images get, but many will say that it is probably a matter of taste. I do not agree!


Photo Ninja has a browser function that is very well thought out. It works right after my head. It's easy to find the pictures to be developed. It is just as easy to judge the image quality. It's all done with just one click. It's actually incredibly easy to keep track of it all.


Highlights recovery, detail (a kind of local contrast), noise function and removal of chromatic aberration is in a class of its own. Photo Ninja is an excellent Raw converter, together with Capture One and Lightroom, among the best on the market!


Photo Ninja does not have enough features to work alone. The program is missing selective adjustments, such as dust removal and printing, but put together with other programs, Photo Ninja is certainly worth considering if picture quality is your first priority.


I've been using Photo Ninja for a month together with Picasa 3 and it works really well. It is incredibly easy to find certain images and Picasa is also perfect for printing my images! Stains and other unwanted things can be removed in Picasa. Red eyes can also be removed quickly. Picasa can read most raw formats, but it is a poor Raw converter.


Together, Picasa and Photo Ninja is a great choice. Photo Ninja is always a good choice for us who want the best quality! 


None of the programs I have tested surpasses Photo Ninja in image quality, and until I find a Raw converter that delivers better results, I would describe Photo Ninja as the best.


I can only recommend that you at least try Photo Ninja. You will not regret it


Here are some sample pictures:


The next four images, as shown by the "label", is developed in 4 different programs. The starting point is an overexposed picture. The only program that can do something about the overexposed areas is Photo Ninja!



Click on the images to view at 100% 










In the next 2 examples I have chosen Lightroom and Photo Ninja. I prefer the image developed in Photo Ninja. There is better details in the shadows and the highlights in the sweaters gets a more accurate color. The sunlight in the leaves is treated as if I had used a polarizing filter, which as you know provides greater color saturation. Click on the pictures and compare. The image from Photo Ninja looks like it was shot with Kodachrome or Ektachrome film. I like it!




The RAW file to "the mirror church" can be downloaded here. Do not take my word for it, try it for yourself. This is only my opinion!